Company Philosophy

The Grand Smart group recognizes that our business partners are the company’s most valuable assets and that it is our goal to establish long-term cooperation relationships with all of our partners. The Brands United philosophy is to derive value and create synergy through partnerships and delivering seamless brand extension territorially and categorically.

Global trends move swiftly and are ever evolving. It is our objective to stay ahead of the market so that the advise and recommendations we give to our partners are relevant for tomorrow’s markets. For the areas that we operate in, Grand Smart start with the consumers in mind. It is not about what we can license out, but about what the consumers really want from these brands? If we can get to the heart of the consumers’ concerns and desires we can extend the reach of our client’s brands by making them more engaging, fulfilling and profitable. Although brand promotion through licensing is a complex process, it is Grand Smart job to make it appealing and straight forward.